Conference Management System - IoBM, First Shahjehan S. Karim Social Entrepreneurship Conference (SSKSEC), September 26-27, 2018

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Toddlers & Co a Social Enterprise - Design for Sustainable profitability
Maryam Masud, Javaid Ahmed

Last modified: 2018-09-15


Each month at least one or two new Facebook pages were introduced with news regarding another launch of a new company related to recreational activities for young children. The market appeared to be commoditized with little differentiation of offerings. A research was conducted to explore a new business model for Toddlers & Co, a recreational company launched in 2016, in order to sustain profitability. The research suggested that the industry is using both emotional as well as functional appeals, but majority of parents prefer other alternatives because they perceive this industry to be more or less similar to school i.e. providing the same set of activities such as reading, writing and storytelling amongst other things. Changing this industry’s orientation could unlock untapped markets. Six pain-points were identified during the research such as how to spend time without getting worried to pick up kids on time, or the risk involved in purchasing the service. The solution can be to introduce online payment methods and to inculcate a gym and/or a coffee shop to let the parents enjoy their time while the kids were having fun in the program. In order to tap the unexplored non-customer group such as the elderly people living in old-age houses or the street children, Toddlers & Co. could opt for the introduction of a philanthropic subsection in its business model.

Key Words: social enterprise, sustainable profitability, Industry Structure, Industry Strategy Canvas, Buyer Utility Experience, Non-Customers, Six Paths Framework, ERRC, Value Innovation.