Annual Conference on Social Sciences (AICSS)-2019

Institute of Business Management

January 28, 2019 – January 29, 2019

College of Economics and Social Development (CESD) is a well-established school at IoBM. CESD has initiated a call for research papers in all areas of interdisciplinary social science studies. The annual international conference of social sciences (AICSS) is scheduled on January 28-29, 2019 at IoBM. CESD welcomes survey papers, case studies, academic articles, quantitative and qualitative scholarly research articles.

Theme of the Conference: Geo-Political, Economic, Educational and Psycho-Social Challenges and Opportunities in the 21stCentury


-       Regional Trade

-       Implication for Infrastructural Development

-       Development in the Social Sector

-       Agro-Economy

-       Economic growth and its implications for the SCO region

-       Policy framework for Economic Development

-       Debt Sustainability

-       Political Economy

-       Industrial Competitiveness and Growth


-       Literacy

-       Gender

-       Challenges faced in Higher Education

- Human Capital


Center for Policy and Area Studies

-       Emerging global scenario  - Implications for Pakistan

-       New Challenges in South Asia - Way Forward.

Business Psychology:

-       Work Behavior

-       Job Satisfaction

-       Empowerment

-       Organizational Citizenship


Commercial and Professional Studies:

-       Role and impact of Law and Accounting on business


-       Philosophy of Economics and Social Sciences

-       Economic Justice--Local and Global

Media studies

-       The current state and future dynamics of media in Pakistan and the world


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